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Arabic language course with principles

Arabic Language Course

with Establishing the Principles

SUNDAY, TUESDAY & THURSDAY: Principles of Arabic Starting with Sarf  *All Classes after Maghrib 6:25 +4GMT*

Instructors short Bio and Class schedule for live Arabic lessons
Fahad-Al-TahiriArabic Language course online – recorded with notes

What is Sarf?

Sarf (Arabic morphology) is somewhat of a synonym to (Morpholoy) in English it is the study of Arabic words individually and how they are formed.

How am I going to benefit from these Arabic Language classes?

This Arabic language course will teach you in detail the nature of the Arab language from the aspect of how the words are formed individually, and the principles to obtain the ability to build Arabic words properly and on your own just by using the what is called root letter (3-4 letters only).

This means that not only will you be able to identify words and their meaning, but you will also be able to create your own Arabic words, according to the proper Arabic language law.

Language of instruction: English,  source: establishingtheprinciples.wordpress.com


What is ETP?

ETP stand for Establishing The Principles.

From its name it is a Project launched to teach the Principles of various Islamic sciences, leading the learner to a complete understanding of the Islamic Revelation.

Islamic sciences are of two types:

1- Sciences which are sought as an objective (i.e. Qur’an, Sunnah)

2- Sciences which are sought as means to properly understanding the Objectives (i.e. Arabic, Principles of Understanding …etc)