Why Sarf First

arabic-nahw-sarf-balaghaWhy sarf first? We need words to build phrases and sentences like bricks to build a wall, so sarf or turning words into different forms to create new meanings should be studied first. Arabic words carry lots of information. Basically, the Arabic word has two parts, a basic meaning (root) and more meanings attached (extra letters and vowels patterns). The second meaning should be focused on first.

When you know your bricks(words- sarf) then you can build your walls (sentences- Nahw) creating a house. Next you decorate your house – balaghah.

A good course will include principles the early scholars used, like the mother principle “seek lightness in speech”. Three letter words are used more than 4 letter words. The course should explain how to build different forms, each form giving a different meaning while retaining the same consonant source.

Today sarf can be studied alone or with a mix of Nahw and Sarf.  The early grammarians did not divide these two sciences. I have preferred the sarf only approach in the beginning. With sarf you discover the richness of Arabic how a three letter root branches into many words (forms). For example, the words Dua and Dawah have the same consonant root. This approach sets up a smooth transition to grammatical states.

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I have spent over a year researching the best methods. I found what gives insight on how the language works. Principles have to be learned. Many people study for years as a beginner missing the principles. They abandon the principles the early scholars established like the principle “seek lightness in speech”. I’ll show you where to find the information. I pass on principles and tips to give you momentum, get more benefit from reading Quran and in salah insha’allah. To receive the newsletter and copy of Top 3 Sites to Learn Quranic Arabic subscribe below.